Nailing Pattern: How much do you need?


CTE Goal:

Have students understand nailing patterns and the requirements. Students will learn the quantities of fasteners needed for different portions of the home building process.

Math Goal:

Students will calculate rates (slopes), equations of lines, and graph the equations. Discussion points include finite and continuous, real life meanings, and domain.


Assign individual students (or groups of students) one of these nailing patterns to research.

  1. ¾ inch floor decking
  2. 7/16 inch roof decking
  3.  7/16 inch OSB wall sheeting
  4.  Framing an interior wall (10 ft)
  5.  Framing an exterior wall (10 ft)
  6.  Nailing shingles for wind prone areas
  7.  Screws for ½ inch drywall
  8.  Screws for 5/8 inch drywall

Materials needed:

They will need access to building code books or computers/internet and a scale to weigh nails. If you have access to a shingle, a sheet of OSB, a sheet of drywall, it will be helpful for the visual students.

An extension is to look at construction adhesive.

Student sheet below.







Nailing Pattern

How much do you need?


Your item to research:______________________________________________


  1. a) You are to find out how many pounds of fasteners are needed per sheet of material. Include a 10% waste factor.
  1. b) You are to estimate (predict) the number of pounds of fasteners needed for your item for the whole house. You will need to look at a set of blueprints.

Questions to answer:

1) What is the specifics per sheet of the nailing pattern you were assigned? Include nail size and spacing; remember waste.


2) What is the source of your research? Give website or book and page.


3) Complete the table

# of sheets 0 1 5 10
# of nails


4) Graph your data

5) Calculate the slope (rate). What is the real life meaning of the slope?



6) What is the y intercept?



7) Write the equation that represents the data you have.




8) Could you use your equation for half a sheet? Explain.



9) How many pieces (sheets) of material do we need for this year’s house?



10) How many fasteners do we need according to your equation?