What are some of the characteristics of the teachers that teach AMPED on Algebra?

1)Teachers need to understand that programs like this requires extra time and if they are already committed to many other things (coaching, etc) this may put too much burden on them.
2) Teachers must be hungry for change.
3) We have found that age or experience in the classroom does not predict success. Teachers must be resourceful. For example, the vocabulary used in both the algebra class and the CTE class (either business or manufacturing) do not have definitions included. We leave it to the teachers to give the definitions, deciding how formal to make them.
4) Both teachers must respect each other’s class and the need for it.  Both teachers must be equal in their commitment to go above and beyond as they launch the program during the first year.
5)Creativity is a characteristic to look for in the teacher team.
6)Both teachers must like kids.
7)Teachers must be of the mindset that when they teach they are always evaluating themselves to see how they can improve the lesson for the next time.
8)It is a plus if the math teacher has a personal interest in the business or manufacturing such as they are handy with basic tools.
9)The business/manufacturing teacher needs to be production driven.  They must view their classroom as a business and be comfortable in producing a product that is to be sold.
10) Realize that the right pair of teachers will need support from their building principal\ or from the CTE director.  They need to feel as if the team is more than just the two of them.  The pair of teachers need someone to work alongside of them to remove potential roadblocks at the building and district level.