Happy Catering

Happy Catering Clue 1

All catering packages feed 12 people.

A green salad and 12 half wraps will cost $90.

How much does a green salad cost?


Happy Catering Clue 2

Salads are large enough to feed 12 people.

A green salad and 12 half burgers will set you back $90

A green salad cost the same as 4 half wraps.

How much does a burger cost?


Happy Catering Clue 3

Happy Catering provides combinations of food products to feed 12 people.

Two green salads and a fruit salad cost the same as the other catering packages.

How much does a fruit salad cost?


Happy Catering Clue 4

Happy Catering has 5 products: Wraps, Green Salad, Pasta Salad, Fruit Salad, and Burgers.

For $90 you can have a green salad, a pasta salad and a fruit salad.

How much does a wrap cost?


Happy Catering Clue 5

Group Goal:

Happy Catering caters parties throughout the area.

What do each of these menu items cost?

Burger, Green Salad, Fruit Salad, Wrap


Happy Catering Teacher Notes: 


  1. The teacher should make a copy of the activity, cut the 5 clues apart and place them in an envelope. This is to be done for each group.
  1. This activity is designed to be completed in groups of four. Each student receives one of the four clues and will read it to his/her group. The Group Goal clue states the goal of the activity and is not crucial if the teacher has given the goal.
  1. Students do not need to know how to solve a systems of equations. This can be accomplished by guess and check.


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