Colorado Hiring Contextual Learning Teachers through ESSER 3 Funding: Apply Today!

In our previous newsletter we wrote about the possibility of contextualized learning programs receiving a share of the federal ESSER 3 funding dedicated to these educational goals:

  • Math achievement “slide” due to the COVID-19 pandemic,
  • CTE-Contextual Learning positive growing pains,
  • Enhancement of commitment to workforce development, and
  • Creation of a potential longer-term pathway for recruiting, hiring, and training math and CTE teachers.


In mid-December we learned that the ESSER 3 selection committee awarded our proposal for $4.2 million dollars to accomplish all of the goals listed above.  Here is a list of more specifics about we plan to accomplish the goals listed above:

  • Geometry in Construction and AMPED on Algebra will be adopted and implemented in four more Jefferson County Public Schools RE-1 high schools which will bring the total to 15 schools positively impacting somewhere between 1,500 – 3,000 students per academic year.
  • Funding for the development of a third-year contextual math course which will complete a three-year sequence of math education Tom and I envisioned 17 years ago.
  • Funding for a mixed methods, qualitative and quantitative study to research the impact these programs have on students and communities.
  • NEW HIRING Opportunities – Each school will receive additional FTE to hire one more person who will be cross trained in each program (AMPED on Algebra and Geometry in Construction) over the 2022-2023 & 2023-2024 academic years.


We are in a position to recruit for teaching talent and have set the stage for optimal success with ESSER 3 funds.  We are calling all teachers from across the country who have ever toyed with the idea of teaching in Colorado to strongly consider this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Here is a list of the benefits for you and your family:

  • Live and work in Colorado with all of the benefits of our amazingly beautiful state.
  • Regardless of which school you choose to teach at, you will be joining an existing Contextual Learning Community that consists of 60+ teachers who lead these programs.
  • Jefferson County Public Schools RE-1 is in a position to recruit for talent and all applicants will be strongly considered with every effort to offer the highest salary possible based on previous teaching experience.
  • Colorado has one of the best retirement systems through PERA. In fact, many people from other states continuously relocate to Colorado for our PERA retirement system because you become vested after 5 full time years of employment allowing you to essentially collect two retirements after a relatively short period.


We hope you are interested! For more information, please contact Scott Burke directly by email at or by phone or text at (970) 219-5020.