An Engineering/Construction Investigation

Many great construction/engineering projects have been built around the world.  Maybe you live close to a structure that stands out as one of these marvels.  Choose one of these structures.  Using a search engine, research how it was built.  

Write a one page summary of the project.  Include: 

1.     Why was it built/what need did it fulfill?

2.     What engineering/construction difficulty did the builders overcome?

3.     What was the most interesting part of the construction/engineering project to you?  What is something you have learned/discovered about this construction/engineering project? Are there any careers that you were unaware of?

Some examples of construction/engineering marvels are shown below but you can choose one of your own.
Building the Mighty Mackinaw Bridge
Building the St. Louis Arch
Building the Hoover Dam
Building the Golden Gate Bridge
Building the Empire State Building
Building the World’s Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa