Workshop Specifics

Workshop Length and General Information: Each workshop (AMPED on Algebra or Geometry in Construction) are typically 4 days; 8:00 to 4:00 daily with a 45 minute lunch.  We will dismiss 1½ hours early on the last day for participants to travel back home.  Graduate credit will be available from Colorado State University.  Typical cost for 3 semester credits is under $200.  The curriculum is Common Core aligned.


What is Provided:  The typical price of $1695 per person includes light breakfast, lunch, and morning/afternoon snacks each day.  Some workshops are sponsored by local agencies/companies and are offered at reduced costs.  Check for the specific cost of the training you are interested in.  Perkins funds are often used to fund the training.  Each participant will receive:


  • An electronic copy of the complete curriculum (Math and CTE).
  • A printable file of the Math and CTE curriculum.  The curriculum has the teacher’s manual that includes all activities, lesson plans, and assessments
  • The student problem bank (used instead of a textbook). Additional student books are not needed as the teacher has permission to copy the student problem bank as needed for each of their students.
  • Password access to “The Teacher’s Toolkit”.  This online resource will be available to help participants review the program after the workshop is over.  Topics include how classroom activities are conducted, cooperative group training, team building, and other items that make AMPED on Algebra/Geometry in Construction a successful program.
  • AMPED on Algerba ONLY:
    • “The AMPED Student Portal” via password access. This feature allows students access to the video tutorial that parallels the student textbook/problem bank.


When compared to other textbooks/curriculums the cost of the curriculum is very favorable.  You are purchasing training, curriculum, and student problem banks.  No additional yearly fees, student textbooks, etc. are needed.  Curriculum cannot be purchased separately.


What to Bring:  Laptop computer (1 laptop per pair of teachers minimum).  Wear comfortable clothes for activities.   Remember that it is important for both a math teacher and a CTE teacher attend to get the most out of the workshop.  If you come without your partner teacher, you will be paired with another teacher.