We would like to introduce “AMPED”

 Algebra 1 in Manufacturing Processes, Entrepreneurship and Design (AMPED) program is built on the same foundational beliefs and practices as the Geometry in Construction program.

  • Creating a program for all students to be successful.
  • Math is not watered down.  In fact, the AMPED program contains all objectives and standards delivered in a traditional 4-wall Algebra 1 classroom and will be taught through real world, project based lessons, labs, and activities creating a richer, more robust learning environment for students.  We believe rigor, relevance, and relationships are key to the success of our students.  Additionally, AMPED is fully aligned with the Common Core state and national standards

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) driven class where students are engaged in CTE content using their mathematics as a useful tool for solving real world, career skill ready problems.
  • All students work on developing and understanding the skills necessary to thrive in the modern workplace.
  • More than a simulation, sustainability of the AMPED program involves the development of a viable, self-funded business.

Annually, AMPED students will operate a business running an advanced fabrication lab customizing textile products and manufacturing other items comprised of wood, metal, and/or plastic.  The proceeds generated from the business aspect of the program will be utilized to self fund the venture and provide philanthropic opportunities for students through community service or monetary gifts to local charities.  Students learn skill sets in various engineering techniques including sublimation, CNC operations, and rapid prototyping.  Additional areas for student engagement include composite technologies, alternative energies, and automation robotics.

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